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Our mission:

To establish a dance studio in the region that can elevate the level of competitive dance in the FM area and be recognized on the Nationals and Worlds stages.

To focus on the mental wellness of our dancers and ensure they have all the support they need to empower and build up their own self esteem as well as their teammates'.

REIGN Dance Co. strives to raise the caliber of dance by implementing proper technique training, individualizing specific methods of training for every member of our gym, and by promoting a positive environment for dancers, parents and staff.



Work Ethic: It doesn't matter the talent level of the dancer, but their work ethic and commitment to the sport + and art of dance. Our studio will provide all the tools, education and feedback needed for your dancer to grow.

Support: Of all staff, dancers and families of REIGN Dance Co. There is a no-tolerance policy for unsupportive parents, staff and dancers. 


Respect: Of all staff, dancers and families of REIGN Dance Co. There is a no-tolerance policy for disrespectful parents, staff and dancers. 

Boundaries: Personal, employment and responsibility boundaries. Acknowledge that the studio owner is the best person for this job. The staff are the best people for their job. The dancers are the best people for their job, as well as the parents. 

Commitment: Commitment to the art and sport of dance is not only during practices, but outside of practices as well. 


Communication: Communication by team members is the only way we can work effectively together throughout the season, so that we can remain transparent with one another. Dancers are required to communicate to parents, as well as parents to dancers prior to inquiring with REIGN staff.

Honesty: Rumors, gossip and drama is not welcome at any REIGN practice or event. The dancers are here to dance, the coaches are here to coach, and the choreographers are here to create. Please help keep our company an honest company where everyone can feel safe and secure.



At Reign, we provide a strong technical basis for the growing dancer coming to us at any level. Our goal is to provide every athlete with the knowledge & tools they need as a way to take dance to the extent of their own desires!

We believe in dreaming big, and working smarter not harder. Our instructors are skilled and trained at identifying the specific needs for each student. We strongly believe that every athlete has something to offer the artwork of dance, and the art of dance has something to offer every athlete.


We admire that the heart of a dancer is born into many different bodies and the love of dance can take on several extraordinary styles. We will develop well-prepared dancers, must they so choose to pursue the arts professionally or are college bound. “Once a dancer always a dancer” - Dance is a tool that is conveniently available at all stages of life!

We will urge each student to strive daily for their personal best, in addition to support one another in fostering a sense of teamwork & leadership within the studio. It's far clear that the discipline, focus and artistic enlightenment of dance creates success in all elements of life. Dance education contributes to the development of responsible, dedicated, determined, and creative adults in society.

At Reign, we believe in your dancer and want to set them up with the tools to succeed in dance!

What Our Families Say:

"The opportunity for my daughter to get some real dance training once again and to be continuously challenged and the possibility of her spark and love for dance to return. The focus on mental health was the cherry on top. My daughter gets all of the above and more at a level I didn’t think was possible anywhere. She was bored and wasn’t being trained and wanted to quit dancing before we found Reign. Now she wants to go to practice every single day and practices outside of practice every chance she gets, both at the studio and at home - even pretty much every night when she’s supposed to be in bed sleeping… She has a smile on her face and sweat dripping down her face every single time I pick her up from practice. She has grown leaps in so many ways in just the past 10 months at Reign."

Falon, Junior Factor Parent

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