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Reign Choreography by

Sasha Steichen

Having worked as a coach and choreographer for over a decade, Sasha is proud to have built a reputation as a respected leader in the dance industry. Along with owning and operating her dance studio at home, she travels around extending her services to other teams helping them grow into confident, well-rounded performers that are prepared to conquer any stage or dance floor.
Sasha's dance routines are known for their unique and creative moves that everyone will remember. They will push your creative level to the maximum and give you the confidence you need to put on the best performance and receive top awards!


Reign Choreography creates dances for the junior high, high school and college levels.​ Scroll down for more details:



Reign Choreography works exclusively in the following styles of dance:

- High Kick
- Pom
- Jazz/Lyrical/Contemporary
- Hip Hop
- Game Day
- Team Performance 
- Solos/duets/trios
- Sidelines
- Half-time performances


For further information and pricing, email 

We look forward to working with you!

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