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REIGN is a new dance studio and all-star gym located in West Fargo, ND. We believe in highly competitive dance training that is also fun and educational, for girls and boys beginning when your athlete starts to walk, through college.


Our classes are non-traditional in nature, focusing on the most important elements of studio, all-star, and dance team, combining them into one unique experience. At REIGN, we believe in your dancer and want to set them up with the tools to succeed in dance, to any level that may be!


In addition to our in-studio training opportunities, Owner and Choreographer, Sasha Steichen travels for team technique camps and choreography sessions with our professional choreography company, Reign Choreography by sasha steichen.

Along with dance experience and education, REIGN offers a Coaching Mentorship program that allows young dancers to learn how to become a coach, choreographer and role model for the sport of dance. 

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